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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine unites an ancient practice with modern medicine. It uses whole plants and trees including the roots, barks, berries, leaves, stems and flowers which contain a wide range of active plant chemicals or ‘constituents’ to support a wide range of health conditions. Find out more here.

Why Women's Health?

It's never been as important to raise awareness of women's health in medicine. In the UK alone, we face one of the widest gender health gap with a strong bias of medical research and drug trials being tested on men alone. Hormonal health is paramount to good health. Unfortunately too many of us suffer in silence.
Let's start the conversation.


Education is key.

Through accessible and manageable steps, I can support you to make long lasting changes for sustainable health. I believe in the power of education and how empowering it is to be in the drivers seat of change.

Person centered.

As your herbalist, I'm committed to working with you with expertise, compassion and patience. Your story is unique and your healing is the same. I'm here to help guide the process with you being at the forefront of your journey.

Specialist in Women’s Health.

From pesky PMS to heavy bleeding to menopause. Let's work together to regulate the hormones, reduce the inflammation and restore your health.

Any questions?

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