How can herbal medicine help?

Modern herbalism works with both traditional knowledge of medicinal plants with modern clinical practice to unlock the root cause of your symptoms

Safe for everyone

Herbal medicine uses whole plant extracts rather than isolated plant chemicals or 'constituents' to support both acute and chronic illness. The medicine acts on the body similar to pharmaceutical drugs with the exception, they have fewer side effects, often none at all. Under the supervision of a herbalist, through the moderating dosage and type of herbal preparation, taking herbal medicine can be safe and effective for children to the elderly.

Clinically trained

Medical herbalists like me have had three vigorous years of training in botany, biochemistry, clinical red flags and herb drug interaction. I am qualified to work with patients that are on existing medication, and part of consultations may involve taking your blood pressure and other clinical examinations, alongside an in-depth assessment of your medical history, diet and sleep to ensure your health has been critically evaluate to give the very best support.

Treating you holistically

In a herbal consultation, we have the focused time to work together to get to the root of what may be causing your symptoms. No rushed appointments or quick fix solutions. Each patient I see will present with a different constitutional type and I work with a wide range of herbs, acknowledging their individual energetics to formulate a bespoke prescription and treatment protocol for long lasting, natural good health. Lets start this journey together today.

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