Workshop offerings

Education is key for sustainable change. Teaching you how to use practical, accessible ways to incorporate herbs in your daily life for long term change.

Harnessing hormonal health

Learn how to work with your cycle, work with herbs and diet to support your hormones so you can get on being your best self. Step into life's natural changes with more education and empowerment from menarch, perimenopause to menopause. Learn with a specialist women's health herbalist based at Bristol Folk House.

Connecting you closer to nature

Seasonal nature connection workshops offering practical skills in plant ID, medicine making and sustainable foraging. Bespoke to for your needs. Not for profit and corporate programmes available on request.

Medicinal Plant ID Foraging Walk 27.07.24

Discover a wealth of medicinal plants right on your doorstep! Join this plant ID forage walk and discover some common but incredible plants all around you. Learn about sustainable foraging techniques and simple ways to use plants as medicine at home.

“Wonderful course, informative, friendly atmosphere. Claire is really knowledgeable and good company. Highly recommend this if you are looking to begin or build on some prior knowledge. Tea tasters were delicious!”

Paula, workshop participant

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